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Do you have a complaint that restricts your movements during your excercise, your work or any other daily activities? Would you like to know how you can sport smartly? Are sport excercises useful in order to reduce work related injuries? Is a certain period of time enough to recover or do you think professional help is needed in order to cure your tennis arm or RSI complaints?

Sports centre VU, locations Uilenstede, OZW and vd Boechorststraat.
Please have a look at the folder for a complete overview of all the possibilties of physiotherapy and the consult times.

Non binding information consult 
When you have an information consult with Sido Vleer or Katie Steenman (physiotherapists of sports centre VU) you can ask above mentioned questions if applicable on your situation, but you can also make an appointment to discuss other specific complaints or injuries. After some tests, a physiotherapical diagnosis will be made. This diagnosis will lead to some advices about what to do or not in order to cure your injury. The advantage of this information consult is that it is not binding and a good communication exists between the physiotherapist and your company doctor.

Tips and advices
Sometimes, taking some rest, excercise more often or using other materials while excercising solve your problem. Also, a change of the position in which you work or a change in your working place might prevent that you get ill for a long period of time. When you suffer certain injuries, it is possible to recover without (medical) guidance. During your information consult you will get some advices about your curing proces. It is possible that your physiotherapist will contact your fitness instructor in order to decide which way to train is the best suitable for you, taking your complaints and specific situation into consideration.  

Physiotherapical treatment
It can be that the tests during the information consult mention that physiotherapical treatment is necessary. In that case you can choose to sign up. When you do so by Sido Vleer or Katie Steenman an individual treatment plan will be made, which will be explained to you. You will than excercise in the gym with the guidance of a physiotherapist. At the end of the consultation, you will receive some tips and advices in order to excercise by yourself and how to prevent injuries in the future. Whenever necessary, after a discussion with your company doctor, you can be redirected to other specialists.

Costs and declaration 
Since the 1st of January 2006 physitotherapy is directly accesable. This means that (at most insurance companies) it is not necessary to first visit your PE for a redirection letter. Whether your curement process will be fully or only partly covered by your insurance company depends on how you are insured. You can check this in your insurance contract or by contacting your insurance company.

Information consult and treatment process: how, what and where?
An information consult will have a duration of 20 minutes. A redirection from your PE is not necessary, but please have your insurance card with you.

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